EATE 12th Annual Conference

Sirje Lepik – Real Books in the Primary Classroom
Lisa Okon – Business English does not Have to Be Boring
Raili Põldsaar – Politics of Language and Language of Politics
Pilvi Rajamäe – The British Empire: An Agent for Good or Evil?
Eva Rein – The Policy of Multiculturalism in Canada
Gabriele Salciute-Civiliene – Corpus-based ELT: What Is There for Non-native Speakers?
Evi Saluveer – In Search of British Food
Nora Toots – Some Hints on How to Make Presentations
Amy Tserenkova – Inside Our Learners
Ülle Türk – Task-based Learning
Ülle Türk – Teaching Collocations

2017 EATE 12th Annual Conference.
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