EATE 13th Annual Conference

Piret Kärtner – Ways of Managing Disruptive Behaviour in Lessons
Seamus Murphy – Ireland: the Culture and Language of a Small Island in the EU
Seamus Murphy – The Literary Strategy in Schools in the United Kingdom
Raili Põldsaar – Gender and Language in the Classroom
Pilvi Rajamäe – Chivalry and the Birth of the Gentlemanly Ideal
Aet Sarv – All Work and No Play
Evi Saluveer – Britain or Great Britain – Does It Make a Difference?
Kimberly Schaefer – Writing Narratives
Sirje Tarraste – New First Certificate Gold – Sharing Experience
Ülle Türk – The European Language Portfolio – Recent Developments

2017 EATE 13th Annual Conference.
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