EATE Summer Seminar 2014

The EATE Summer Seminar was held at University of Tartu Pärnu College (35 Ringi Street, Pärnu) on 22 and 23 August 2014.



IELTS presentation by Ene Alas
Speaking test by Ene Alas
National examinations by Kristel Kriisa
Scotland the Brave by Ülle Türk
Worksheet (Scotland the Brave)
Facebook presentation by Natalja Zagura
Newspaper headlines by Evi Saluveer
Syntactically ambiguous news headlines with key by Evi Saluveer
Developing teacher by Ene Peterson
Handout, Developing teacher by Ene Peterson
Handout, Networks by Ene Peterson
Handout, Recommended resources by Ene Peterson
Fresh flavoursome food for brain by Erika Jeret



2017 EATE Summer Seminar 2014.
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