EATE 12th Annual Conference

Tartu, 15 November 2003

Piret Hion – Strategies for Success in the National Exam
Tiia Krass – The Impact of American Studies in the Framework of Fulbright Programme

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EATE 11th Annual Conference

Tartu, 16 November 2002

David Clow - Using Authentic Materials Is Not Just for Advanced Learners
Melanie Ellis - Year 12 Exams in Poland and Requalification Procedures and Levels for Teachers

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EATE 10th Annual Conference

Tartu, 2 November 2001 - 3 November 2001

Douglas Allan – Teachers’ Thinking
Ilmar Anvelt – Translation of some Concepts specific to British or American Culture into Estonian

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EATE 9th Annual Conference

Tartu, 7 October 2000

Neal Hoskins – The Magical World of Words I & II
Steve Marsland – Quest Presentation: A Narrative Approach Bringing Adventure in the Classroom I & II

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EATE 8th Annual Conference

Tartu, 6 November 1999

Nick Dawson – Appropriate Materials for Appropriate Needs
Mare Jõul – Teaching Writing Towards Year 12 I, II

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EATE 7th Annual Conference

Tartu, 7 November 1998

Ilmar Anvelt – Making a Short Story Long
Sean Donohoe – Focus on Ireland

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