Erika Puusemp

Erika Puusemp has been a teacher of English since 1989. Currently she works as a teacher of English, British Literature, and IB Language A: Language and Literature at Miina Härma Gymnasium in Tartu. Erika is the Chair of EATE, an item-writer for the oral part of the National Exam in English, and an assessor for the writing part of the National Exam. She is also a CAE examiner, and occasionally teaches other teachers and university students. Outside her workaholic zone, she is a mother of three lovely grown-up daughters, an avid reader, and dabbler at arts and crafts, e.g. poetry, wire- and beadwork, etc.

Taivi Õigus

Taivi Õigus has been working as a teacher of English since 1998. Currently she works as a teacher at Saku Gymnasium. She used to be the head of the Department of Foreign Languages right up until structural changes at school. In the current academic year, she is in charge of the work of UNESCO Associated Schools Network at her school and is involved in eTwinning collaboration. In her free time she loves doing health sports. Swimming and Nordic walking are just some of her favourites. No less important is committing herself to professional development.

Siiri Vimberg

Siiri Vimberg has been a teacher of English since 2004. Currently she works as a teacher of English at Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium. She is also a CAE examiner and has given courses of English for Specific Purposes in the field of Social Work in Pärnu College. What is more, she is proud to be a member of the Delta Kappa Gamma Society.

Merit harju

Merit Harju started the work of an English teacher in 2002. Since 2005 she has been teaching English at Tartu Karlova School, where she is also the head of the Department of Foreign Languages. Furthermore, she is passionate about technology – wants to learn how to write a code on a computer and find the answer to the question what is the most efficient way to employ technology in language learning. She is also an active member of Women`s voluntary defence organization (Naiskodukaitse).

Ilmar Anvelt

Ilmar Anvelt worked until 2016 as Lecturer at the Department of English, University of Tartu teaching translation in the MA programme and subjects related to the societies and cultures of English-speaking countries. At present, he is a freelance translator and editor. His most recent major translations into English are an album published for the 30th anniversary of the Merko construction company and biographies of the famous Tartu medical professors W. Zoege von Manteuffel and A. A. Rauber. Among his recent translations into Estonian, a collection of Estonian foreign ministers’ speeches might be mentioned. For this, he translated the speeches originally written in English. Ilmar Anvelt has been an EATE Committee member since 1997, being the editor of the EATE journal OPEN!

Kristi Vahenurm

Kristi Vahenurm has been an English teacher since 2000, she currently works at the Tallinn Secondary School of Science. In addition to ordinary English classes she teaches US history and culture and academic writing. She has trained teachers under the Tiigrihüppe Foundation and HITSA and has always been interested in incorporating ICT into foreign language classes. She is currently active as one of the moderators of the e-Koolikott repository, she is an item writer for the listening part of the National Exam in English and also functions as a CAE examiner. Her new role as an Erasmus+ project coordinator has made her see the importance of international project-based learning and knowledge sharing.

Merli Lindberg

Merli Lindberg has worked as an English teacher since 2019. As a graduate of the educational management program Noored Kooli (i.e Teach For All), she believes that every child has the right for the best possible education. With a background in general management and marketing, she believes she can bring along a positive impact for the Estonian Association of Teachers of English (EATE). She believes that EATE could be an active forum for the English teachers, a venue to share know-how and teaching methods, but also a place to share work-related information from working conditions to categorized recommended digital tools.