Erika Puusemp

Erika Puusemp has been a teacher of English since 1989. Currently she works as a teacher of English, British Literature, and IB Language A: Language and Literature at Miina Härma Gymnasium in Tartu. Erika is the Chair of EATE, an item-writer for the oral part of the National Exam in English, and an assessor for the writing part of the National Exam. She is also a CAE examiner, and occasionally teaches other teachers and university students. Outside her workaholic zone, she is a mother of three lovely grown-up daughters, an avid reader, and dabbler at arts and crafts, e.g. poetry, wire- and beadwork, etc.

Kati Bakradze

Kati Bakradze has been a teacher of English since 2001. Currently she works at Tallinn Co-Educational School as a teacher of English and British Studies. She also occasionally teaches Estonian to foreigners. Kati has run a wide range of international projects in cooperation with the EVÕL, US Embassy Tallinn ("Teaching Tolerance through English“), Comenius partners, Falck AS. During her university years and beyond she focused on giftedness and gifted learners and wrote both of her theses on that particular special ability to be nurtured in our educational system. Furthemore, Kati has given lectures to teachers on giftedness and prepared some materials for enriching the tasks in the classroom. She also mentors undergraduates who are training to be teachers of English.

Irina Matviitsuk

Irina Matviitsuk has been working as a teacher of the English language since 1992. Currently she works as a teacher of English for a private Language Centre in Narva. She occasionally teaches Russian for foreigners. She has been teaching university students as well. She has taken part in various international projects. She has got a certificate of an international teacher of Business English.

Merit harju

Merit Harju started the work of an English teacher in 2002. Since 2005 she has been teaching English at Tartu Karlova School, where she is also the head of the Department of Foreign Languages. Furthermore, she is passionate about technology – wants to learn how to write a code on a computer and find the answer to the question what is the most efficient way to employ technology in language learning. She is also an active member of Women`s voluntary defence organization (Naiskodukaitse).

Ilmar Anvelt

Ilmar Anvelt worked until 2016 s as Lecturer at the Department of English, University of Tartu. Along with his work at the university, he has also been active as a translator and lexicographer. His most recent major translation into English is a book published for the 85th anniversary of the Estonian National Symphony Orchestra – ERSO: From a Radio Ensemble to a National Orchestra. His recent translations into Estonian include Kasvatus ja haridus by Hilda Taba, an American educationist of Estonian descent (in cooperation with Katre Ligi) and Imetore õueskäik, a book of children’s outdoor activities by Josie Jeffery. He has been the author or editor of several dictionaries. Ilmar Anvelt has been an EATE Committee member for a number of years, being the editor of the EATE journal OPEN!

Katrin Saks

Katrin Saks is the lecturer in English and the head of Language Centre in the University of Tartu Pärnu College, and the research fellow in the Institute of Education, the University of Tartu. She graduated in EFL from the University of Tartu in 1993, and in Didactics (MA) from Tallinn University in 2001. She worked as an English teacher in Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium for 17 years. Since 2008 she has been teaching ESP in Pärnu college. Katrin Saks wrote her dissertation on language learning strategies and self-regulation, and defended her PhD in the Institute of Education, UT in 2016. She is active in international science communities publishing and presenting her research results.