We are a group of volunteer English teachers  and supporters who are offering free intensive English courses for refugees from the war in Ukraine.

We all know that there are approaching 20,000 recently arrived Ukrainians here – mostly women and children. Whilst the children are being placed in the school system here, their mothers will need to find work sooner or later wherever they end up settling down and these courses will be targeted at them.

Registration for theses courses starts in April and the courses commence at the beginning of May. The courses will be held in a room at the Merchant’s House Hotel in Tallinn Old Town. The students will be divided into groups of 14-16 according to level and we will focus on A2-B2 levels. Each group will study 5 days a week for 6 weeks and so that means one, 90min class a day per group. ILS is doing the pre-course testing for this project and you can find more info on their website.

As the project is relying on volunteers who might be willing and able to spare just a few hours a week, teaching will be rotational and so each group will have a few teachers over the 6 weeks.

We really need more volunteer teachers to help with this good cause. If you are an English teacher and can help, please write to refugees@ilstallinn.ee. Thanks!