Presenters’ resources: EATE Summer Seminar “Language Learning: Focus on Success”

@Pärnu Koidula Gymnasium on 24 and 25 August 2021

Program and abstracts

Tools that help to activate students – Nearpod and Genially, Meeri Sild

Helping your students to help themselves to exam success at B2 and C1, John McNeill

Blended Learning for Sceptics, Triin Lingiene

Words in Pink and Blue, Evi Saluveer (Gender Words worksheet and key; Pride and Prejudice; Three Little Pigs)

English Language Exams in 2021/22, Kristel Kriisa

Future Developments in Testing English Language Proficiency in Estonia, Kristel Kriisa and Marju Laurits

Express Publishing: demo codes order sheet and special offer 2021

Setting up teachers for success with ten awesome, open and free teaching tools (links),  Jennifer Uhler