About Us


The Estonian Association of Teachers of English (EATE) was founded 23 November 1991 in Tartu, Estonia as EL teachers had felt the necessity to co-operate, get more information about teaching methods and materials and attend in-service training courses. Starting EATE we got help and support from The Open Estonian Foundation, London International House, The British Council, The Ministry of Education and very many other organisations.


The EATE committee of 7 members is elected every 2 years

Today there are 252 members from all over Estonia, both schoolteachers and university lecturers, in EATE.

The EATE committee of 7 members is elected every two years. The present committee – Erika Puusemp (chair), Merit Harju, Ilmar Anvelt, Merli Lindberg, Siiri Vimberg, Taivi Õigus and Kristi Vahenurm – was elected in 2021.

The former EATE chairs are Ülle Kurm (1991-1995); Mare Jõul (1995-1997); Carmen Ruus (1997-2001), Juta Hennoste (2001- 2007), Leena Punga (2008-2015).


In 1992 the first EATE newsletter was published which by now has grown into a voluminous magazine OPEN! where you can find theoretical articles and sharing practical experience. OPEN! is published twice a year.

Our traditional events are an Annual Conference every autumn and a two-day Summer Seminar at the end of August. Both events are also open to non-members. Besides the new knowledge the aim of the Summer Seminar is also to get the new school year off to a good start.

EATE has also made enquiries to the Ministry of Education and National Examination Board in connection with the problems about the National Exam in English. EATE members participate in the work of the English Board and various working groups.

EATE is a member of the International Association of Teachers of English as a Foreign Language (IATEFL) which is our umbrella organisation. EATE members have participated in IATEFL Annual Conferences, 40 teachers are individual members of IATEFL.